Bill Gates Reddit Secret Santa Gift Revealed

Last year, a Reddit user named Aerrix got stiffed by her Secret Santa, but she didn't let that peron's Grinchiness deter her from participating in RedditGifts' giant online gift exchange again this year. Fortunately this time around, she received some spectacular gifts and was astonished to learn that her Secret Santa was one of the richest men in the world: Bill Gates!

The gifts Aerrix received matched her tastes and interests perfectly, proving that the Microsoft founder (probably his assitant) put a lot of thought and care into each item. Some of the highlights include an NES Classic Edition, wireless XBOX One controllers, XBOX One Minecraft edition, a Cajun cookbook, paper-version of the Master Sword from Skyward Sword, three movies on DVD (The End of the Tour, Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story, and The Martain), a year's worth of gold membership cards, a framed photoshopped image of Gates, Aerrix, and her husband posing together and wearing Santa Claus hats.

Aerrix shared photos (view in the album below) of her presents and provided a detailed description of how the whole special moment played out on her RedditGifts account.

Gates included this note:

Dear Aerrix,

I can't believe your Secret Santa left you hanging last year. To ensure you don't lose faith in the Reddit community, I've enclosed several gifts that I hope you will enjoy. There are a few video games for you to play, some things to keep you warm, and three of my favorite movies for you to watch over the holidays.

I've also made a donation in your name to, to help give more students the chance to learn computer science.

With best wishes from Seattle,

Bill Gates

P.S. I wasn't able to consult with the Sorting Hat, but I can tell you are quite clever – so I got you a pair of Ravenclaw slippers from Hot Topic.


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