Anthrax's Scott Ian Gets Turned Into A Game Of Thrones' White Walker


Possible Game of Thrones spoilers in the embedded video

In the latest of installment of Scott Ian's Bloodworks, we get a walk through of the process of making and applying the looks for the Night King, Wights and White Walkers, along with the shooting of "Hardhome" episode (ep. 8, season 5). In this episode we also get to see the long process of applying the face for a white walker - on host Scott Ian. According to the Barrie Gower the Game of Thrones' prosthetic makeup designer, Ian, at least briefly becomes the first ever white walker. "We've had like British, Romanian and quite a few European guys..."

Barrie Gower describes the prosthetics of the mysterious GOT character from beyond the wall: "The White Walkers have got like a specific sort of physiology and bone structure to them. They've got these quite prominent jaw and bones. Their skeletal qualities are quite different than that of a regular human. So that's something you always need to base the design on."

Scott Ian is likely most known for his guitar work with the band Anthrax - but he's a huge horror genre fan. He's become many different characters for the show - but he's also had the honor of playing a zombie on an episode of The Walking Dead.


Hosted by Anthrax's Scott Ian, Bloodworks presents a behind-the-scenes look at the most impressive make-up and effects artists in the business, the A-list celebrities they work with and the blockbuster films that benefit from their craft. Previous episodes has seen Ian talk with the Spectral Motion, the guys that made the prosthetics for Ron Perlman Hellboy, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. the studio that created the Green Goblin animatronic/makeup hybrid for the 2002 SPIDER-MAN film.