‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Episode 2 Recap

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

American Horror Story: Roanoke stands apart from its previous installments by ramping up the horror at breakneck speed. It's only the second episode in the season, and already we're seeing some pretty terrifying stuff happening.

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(Photo: YouTube / FX)

In Chapter 2 we see Matt and Shelby reacting to horrors unfolding around them. So far we've seen some sort of pig-man human sacrifice, a little girl who is a ghost, and we've learned the house is definitely haunted by its former murderous residents - a pair of nurses trying to spell out "murder" with their victims' initials.

Shelby has decided she no longer wants to move out of their insanely-haunted house, but instead is going to fight back against their neighbors, who have gone through elaborate lengths to prove just how dedicated they are.

It's kind of crazy that Matt and Shelby want to stay in their house after what has already happened to them, which begs the question: What could possibly come next?


Here's a sneak peek of Chapter 3 to freak you out while you wait for next week's episode.

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