A Bar In London Is Serving Free Pokemon Inspired Cocktails

pokemon cocktails

What's a pokemon trainer supposed to do when they need a pint? Or, at the very least, a very fruity cocktail to get them ready for their next run in with the Elite Four? Well, if you're one of the millions playing Pokemon GO and happen to be in London, then you may want to stop by M Victoria Street for a free drink.

The restaurant, which is located near Victoria tube station, is handing out free cocktails to of-age Pokemon GO players that'll be based on their starters. Clearly, the posh steakhouse hasn't been immune to the addictive app's charm, and the business is definitely looking to capitalize on thirsty gamers.

The offer is set to run every Friday in August 2016, and all trainers need to do is show the restaurant's staff their starter pokemon. Once you've shown off your Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur, you'll be given a complimentary color-matching cocktail.

So, if you chose Charmander, you can expect to be given a drink comprised of, "A firey mix of Belvedere vodka, passion fruit puree, gomme syrup and grenadine topped with a flaming passion fruit." The light-blue cocktail served for Squirtle contains, "Belvedere vodka, lime juice, violet liqueur and lemonade." And Bulbasaur's refreshing drink features several tropical flavors as it has, "muddled cucumber, Green Chartreuse, kiwi juice and prosecco."

pikachu cocktail

Oh, don't think they've forgotten Pikachu either! The electric type appears to have its drink filled with some sort of hard lemonade (amongst other flavors) that is sure to electrify worn-out trainers.