Bagel Doughnuts Are Here to Change up Your Breakfast Game

Bakeries across the country are pushing 2017’s bizarre food trends into high gear with its latest creation and one that certainly has us thinking twice.

When it comes to breakfast, if you’ve found yourself at a crossroads between bagels and doughnuts, now is your chance to remain indecisive and just opt for the newest foodie trend, the bagel doughnut.

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According to The Washington Post, a slew of bakeries are putting a spin on the two circular favorites with social media, including the likes of Instagram users, taking notice. One bakery in particular that has been spotlighted is B. Doughnut in Leesburg, Virginia with their signature everything bagel doughnut currently making waves thanks to its D.C. popup, running now through August 13.

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Created by Brian Chanthapanya and his wife, Pin, the two spend more than 12 hours carefully preparing the dough for these novel delicacies based on malasada, a Portuguese-style doughnut made with yeast-leavened dough, most popular throughout Hawaii.

While they have more classic flavors like lemon curd and berry crème, the savory option has us thinking harder. Not only can customers choose from the sweet, traditional treats typically topped with a sugar coating, but they can also choose from more impartial flavors that include, bacon, chive and lox fillings.

Many have said that the yeast-leavened dough, compared to the denser, crumbly cake doughnut recipe, is fluffy, light and neutral enough to “act as a blank canvas for experimental riffs.”

With a cream cheese filling, the bagel doughnuts are then hand dipped in everything spice, having foodies sink their teeth into airy, pillow-y goodness.

The pastries are available to order online or pre-order for $2.50 each, with a minimum order of a half-dozen doughnut.