Dierks Bentley Thinks of Sand, Not Snow, at Christmas

Dierks Bentley isn't dreaming of a white Christmas. Instead, the "What the Hell Did I Say" singer says when he thinks of Christmas, he thinks of ... SAND!

"I grew up in Arizona, so we didn’t have a white winter kind of deal," Bentley says of his childhood."Once you experience that, it’s hard to go back and celebrate Christmas in the desert. Me and my family and a couple other families would go out to the desert and bring a big turkey and just kind of have a cookout in the middle of the desert, and drink beers and ride four-wheelers.

"Well, I wouldn’t drink beers, but they would," he continues. "I'd drink some Coca-Cola, I guess. We’d ride four-wheelers and horses and just spend it out in the middle of the desert, which was kind of a cool way to spend Christmas. So whenever I think of Christmas, I always think of the desert, which is a little weird, but that’s just the way we did it out in Arizona.”

Bentley already revealed that, although his children have turned him into a Clark Griswold, at least when it comes to decorating, his family has something else to celebrate on Dec. 25.

“It’s tough kind of for [my daughter] Jordan because her birthday IS on Christmas, so it’s one of those things where we try to give her an extra present or two,” Bentley revealed. “It’s kind of tough to share your birthday with Jesus. You can get a little overshadowed on that one, but she’s good about it, but we just tell her, ‘All these Christmas trees and lights, these are all for you.’”