Thomas Rhett Reveals Sweet Words Daughter Willa Gray Said That Melted His Heart

Of all the roles he has, Thomas Rhett's favorite one is a father. The 29-year-old, who is a proud dad to 4-year-old Willa Gray, 2-year-old Ada James and newborn Lennon Love, is bragging about his oldest child, and the sweet words she told her dad, which melted his heart.

"We were playing some shows and I had just got done doing sound check, and Willa gets out of the car," Rhett recalled to his record label. "She’s like, ‘Daddy, I’m so proud of you.’ And I was just like, first of all, 'How do you know how to say that?' Second of all, it just melted me. And so, it’s been really awesome to share some of these moments with my kids, the way that I got to share some of these moments with my dad as well. It kind of feels like it’s coming full circle in a way."

Rhett counts on both Willa Gray and Ada James, as well as his wife, Lauren Akins, to help him pick songs for his albums, including on his latest Center Point Road record.

"I was driving Willa and Ada out to the farm, and it's about a 45-minute drive, and I keep going through demos," Rhett recounted. "I've got them on a playlist and my kids are about the best A&R team that I can have –– my kids and my wife, because they for sure are gonna tell you that that song is terrible or that song is good. Like, if Willa Grey wants to listen to a song six times in a row, maybe it should have a shot. Maybe a lot of other 4-year-olds will want to listen to it six times in a row.


"And my wife is the first one to be like, 'That's not my favorite,' or 'That's one of my favorite songs you've ever written,'" he continued. "There are some of the songs that neither of them like that I love too much to not cut. But for the most part, I do listen to a lot of opinions and then at the end of the day, I take all those opinions and I put them in a pot and try to make a decision for myself. But my kids do have a huge role in picking a lot of songs, which is hilarious."

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter