Scotty McCreery Praises Wife Gabi for 'Doing the Hard Stuff' With Her Career

He might spend most of his time away from home, but Scotty McCreery says it's his wife, Gabi, whose career is demanding. The American Idol alum, who wed Gabi in 2018, praises Gabi for her job as a nurse, which he insists is a harder job than he will ever have.

"Oh, she’s incredible,” McCreery gushed to Kix Brooks on American Country Countdown via Nash Country Daily. “I mean, she’s just a breath of air for me and the crazy world I see every day I travel, but when I come home, I just have a consistent love and an amazing woman that I get to come home to every day. She works hard — she’s a nurse — I mean, she’s doing the hard stuff. I get to sing for a living, but she’s really changing lives.”

McCreery tries to think of Gabi's job when the mundane things of life get him down, especially when he is away from home.

“We get to complaining about little things on the road, like if our bus Wi-Fi’s not working," McCreery said. "And, we’re like, ‘Man, that’s such a little thing compared to what a lot of folks are dealing with,’ so when I hear what she sees at work, you realize what’s important in life.”

McCreery may not see as much of Gabi as he would like, but he loves everything about being married.

"I feel like people talk about how scary it is before you get married," McCreery told "Like, 'Oh my gosh, you're about to get married,' and 'How you feeling?' But really, it's been the biggest joy of my life. I'm having so much fun and it's been so exciting."

The North Carolina native has also learned plenty, mostly about himself, in the time since they became husband and wife.


"It's never just about yourself," McCreery acknowledged. "Before you're worried about your own problems, what you have to do, what you have to do next week, but now it's like it takes two to tango. It's a team effort. For me I'm worrying about my wife and what she's gotta do, her work schedule and how I can help out here, help out there, and she's doing the same for me. It's a team and that's a little different for me."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin