Miranda Lambert Explains Passion for Her MuttNation Foundation

As Miranda Lambert's star power continued to rise over the last 17 years, ever since she appeared on Nashville Star, Lambert could have chosen any charity to support. Instead, the animal advocate decided to start her own MuttNation Foundation, along with her mother, Beverly, for one very good reason.

"I've helped a lot of other charities and done benefits and stuff, but I've always been an animal person," Lambert said while at the annual Country Radio Seminar. "I have always rescued dogs, so I thought about working with them. I realized I didn't want to just be part of only one organization, like ASPCA or the Humane Society, which are both amazing, I wanted to create a freedom with whatever I was going to stand for.

"Also, I wanted to be able to tell people, 'If I ask for your money, I want you to know where it goes,'" she added. "I knew if we did our own little mom and pop foundation, we could do that and control it."

Still, Lambert likely never imagined when she started her MuttNation Foundation with her mother that it would do as well as it has, and continue to grow at almost exponential levels.

"Over the years, we raised over four million dollars and saved thousands of dogs lives," Lambert boasted. "Then, shelter renovations and help with natural disasters. It's been a journey. My favorite thing is now, we're combining both passions, which is music, bringing red wagons to my shows to fill when I go to the shelters now. The shelter people, the dogs, it's a feel good thing. No one can be pissed about saving a dog."

Lambert previously opened up about MuttNation, and why the charity means as much to her as her soaring career.

"We've been able to help with natural disasters and help shelters renovate, we kind of have our hand in everything," Lambert told PopCulture.com. "That's why we wanted to start it, because we wanted control of where the money that we raised could go to. My mom used to be a private investigator, so she vets it pretty hard, wherever we give money to."


Lambert is currently helping animals all over the country while on her Wildcard Tour. Find dates at MirandaLambert.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond