Luke Combs Is Now a Vegan, Thanks to a Football Bet He Lost

Thanks to a bet he lost, Luke Combs is now, temporarily, a vegan. The "Does to Me" singer lost a bet with one of his band members, and as a result, had to commit to being a vegan for 90 days. While it's not the way Combs would choose to eat all the time, he insists he is going to complete the entire three-month challenge.

"I did lose a bet, not on [the] Super Bowl, however," Combs shared with his record label. "It was on the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons game, the first game that we played this year. I'm born and raised North Carolina. Obviously a huge Carolina Panthers fan. And, my keyboard player is born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously, a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. We decided to do a bet that was more of a physical challenge."

The bet was that if Combs' favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, won, Combs' keyboard player, Neil Tankersley, who is mostly bald, would have to grow out what was left of his hair for three months, without trimming it, and he wasn't allowed to wear a hat on stage. But if the Falcons won, Combs would have to stick to a strictly vegan diet for three months. Unfortunately for Combs, the Panthers lost, which is why Combs is now craving meat.

"I'm still alive, I'll put it that way," Combs said. "I eat a lot of bars like protein bars, a lot of veggies. And, if you're not familiar with vegan, it's no animal products whatsoever: no meat, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no anything good. So I've still got about 70 or 80 odds days left, which is pretty depressing to think about. But, I will prevail through the end of this. I'm looking forward to a good deer steak after this is all said and done."

Hopefully Combs' wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Hocking, falls after the end of his 90-day challenge. The reigning CMA Male Vocalist of the Year has yet to announce a wedding date, but he did say it would happen sometime this year.


"I'll give you a hint. It's one of the days next year," Combs joked to PEOPLE late last year. "One out of 365."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin