Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Posts Hysterical Video of Nephew Til After His Wisdom Teeth Were Removed

He might have been in pain, but Luke Bryan's nephew Til still wasn't safe from Bryan's wife, Caroline Bryan. Caroline shared a hysterical video of Til, while still under the effects of anesthesia, where Til unintentionally provided plenty of humor.

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"When your kid gets their wisdom teeth taken out, sometimes you have to film the aftermath of anesthesia," Caroline wrote. "Sorry Til."

In the video, Til starts slowly sticking his tongue out, saying, "I feel like I'm biting my tongue off, but I'm not." Caroline then tells Til he looks cute, which he responds by saying, "I know."

"My face is cold," Til complains, as Caroline explains to him that there's a cold pack on his face.

Til is the son of Bryan's sister, Kelly, and brother-in-law, Ben Cheshire. When both of Til's parents passed away, the Bryans stepped in to raise Til, as well as take care of Til's two older sisters as well.

“Luke’s brother died in 1996," Caroline said, via CMT. "Then 13 years ago, his sister passed away unexpectedly. She was healthy, beautiful, and the best mom to ever walk this earth. Then their daddy Lee had a massive heart attack in front of me and Til. That was the other worst day of our life. So Til moved in with us immediately. The girls are back and forth constantly; they’re still in college. And then we lost our niece Brett when she was seven months.”

Bryan is very involved in the lives of his nieces and nephew, but praises Caroline for being hands-on with them, as well as their two sons.

"I do it with my wife, hand in hand," Bryan said on the TODAY Show. "The work that she puts in with the children ... I mean, it's just amazing. I look at her phone and it's just pinging and vibrating and going off constantly, and it's the children."

"She's really stepped in and just crushed that role at being someone for them," added the singer.

Til turned 18 in November, which Caroline celebrated on social media.

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"Til, you’ll always be our Prince and my Baby Giraffe!!!" his proud aunt posted. "Happy 18th!!! Can’t believe I watched you fall from the sky today!!! We love you to the moon and back a billion times!!"

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