Bobby Bones Gives Update on Dog, Stanley, Following Surgery

Radio host Bobby Bones is giving an update on his beloved dog, Stanley, who underwent surgery earlier this week. The Dancing With the Stars champion revealed that the bulldog had a few complications, but seems to be on the mend, and is expecting a full recovery.

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"Surgery day," Bones captioned the photo of his pet. "He’s had better days but he got through it. A few small complications. But he aiiiigjt. Thanks for asking!"

Bones posted the update after revealing earlier in the day that Stanley was having an operation to repair a few issues.

"Dog is going into surgery today," Bones previously revealed. "I let him chill in the bed a little longer this morning before i went to work."

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Bones previously opened up about some of Stanley's health challenges, revealing the dog would eventually need an operation.

"I don't know if he's that smart of a dog yet," Bones told "He's 5 months old right now, but he's tough. Bulldogs come out a little bit broken. I think all their inbreeding for hundreds and hundreds of years is just – they come out, and you gotta kind of rebuild them and fix them. He can't breathe with his tongue, he's got an eye issue, and he's got this cherry thing growing over his eye and the vet says, 'Hey we aren't gonna fix it yet if its not hurting him,' so when he goes in to get neutered, and have his breathing fixed, he's also gonna get his eye fixed."

The Arkansas native wasn't initially interested in having a pet, especially one that required extra work.


"I never planned to get a bulldog but I had a friend who reached out. 'I got one bulldog left if you want him. And he's the crazy one, we're having trouble with him,'" Bones said of his decision to take in Stanley. "They are so stubborn, so we're working through it. I sent him off to dog camp. And he came back trained, and it's like a temporary tattoo. For like a week, he was good and then after that he's just like back to his old ways."

Photo Credit: Getty / David Becker