Carrie Underwood Calls 4-Year-Old Son Isaiah 'Really Supportive' on Cry Pretty Tour 360

Carrie Underwood recently shared a brand-new photo of her husband, Mike Fisher, and oldest son, Isaiah, watching her perform on stage. The American Idol alum takes her family with her for most of the dates on her Cry Pretty Tour 360, where her 4-year-old is just beginning to understand what his mother does for a living.

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"He is really sweet and he is really supportive," Underwood shared as part of an interview with Jenny McCarthy for SiriusXM's The Highway. "Recently he was so excited to go back on tour. 'I want to go back on tour,' and he couldn't wait because he honestly, he just so social. He loves seeing everybody. He loves all the other ladies on tour. But he asked me, he said, 'Mommy, are you going on tour? Are you coming with us?'

"And my husband was like, 'Honey, Mommy is the tour,'" she added with a laugh. "So I feel like he's starting to [get it]. And then he'll see me up on stage, and, 'Mommy you did so good.' He's sweet."

Isaiah might love being on the road with his parents and baby brother, Jacob, but it isn't Underwood he wants to see perform. Instead, it's Madison Marlow from Maddie & Tae, one of the two opening acts on the Cry Pretty Tour 360, that he wants to watch night after night.

"He's in love with Maddie, so he more is concerned with, when is she going to be on stage," quipped Underwood.

The Oklahoma native might be the star of the Cry Pretty Tour 360, but much of her life on the road revolves around her family.

“We’ve kind of gotten out of hotel rooms because for Isaiah, it’s hard for a 4-year-old who’s constantly looking to be stimulated,” Underwood told PEOPLE. “We started renting houses to have a little more normalcy and so he has a backyard to play in. He can be a little boy and get out some of his penned up energy. And we can make breakfast and have those comforts of home. That’s a big difference.”

It's too early to know if Isaiah will have Underwood's vocal abilities, but the 36-year-old reveals he at least is drawn to music.


"It's hard to tell at this point," Underwood admitted. "He definitely is drawn to music. But he wants his songs, which are like movie soundtrack songs. I have to make myself listen to other things. Anytime that we're in a car that's not my car, it's like, 'This car doesn't play your song.'"

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