Jason Aldean Cancels Florida Show Due to Illness

Jason Aldean was scheduled to be the final act of the night at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida on Saturday, Aug. 31, but he unfortunately had to cancel due to illness. The 42-year-old shared the disappointing news on social media.

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"I was really hoping I’d be able to play tonight at [Gulf Coast Jam], but unfortunately I’m down for the count with a stomach virus," Aldean wrote. "It’s just not in the cards for us this year. Hope to be back as soon as I can. Thank you to everyone who came out."

Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, was also down for the count, but praised her husband for even attempting to get well enough to perform.

"It's been two solid days of [sickness] in our household ...and props to you, babe, for trying to pull yourself together. I couldn't even make it out of bed. You're stronger than most."

Not all is going poorly for Aldean. The Georgia native just celebrated his 23rd No. 1 hit, with "Rearview Town."

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"Rearview Town is the [No. 1] song in the country this week," Aldean posted on Instagram. "Big thanks to all our friends at country radio and the Aldean Army for all the support!"

The song is the title track, and likely last single, from Aldean's eighth studio album. He is back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on his next record.

"It's a little trickier now trying to just find songs and find time to get in there in the studio when you're on the road, all the other stuff," Aldean shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "It's just been one thing after the other, but it's fun. I like staying busy. I like feeling like I'm accomplishing something and doing something. When I sit at home too long and feel like I'm not doing anything, I start going a little stir crazy.

"It's definitely a little trickier to juggle it," he continued, "with two little babies at home and still trying to make sure you're spending time there but also getting your work done and things you need to do, too."


Aldean will likely be well enough for his next scheduled show on his Ride All Night Tour, which takes place on Thursday, Sept. 5, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Find dates by visiting JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer