Thomas Rhett's Dad, Rhett Akins, Admits He Was Nervous When His Son Followed in His Footsteps

Thomas Rhett grew up watching his dad, Rhett Akins, write and perform music. But when the Georgia native announced he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, the news wasn't entirely celebrated, by either of his parents.

"His mom hated the idea, I know that," Akins revealed to Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones Show. "I was nervous for him, not because I didn't think he had the talent, it's just because man, you know how it is. It's just a grind. I just didn't know if he had the stamina and the will to go out there and get crushed a lot. Especially nowadays with Twitter and Instagram. Back when I was playing, you didn't know if someone loved the show or hated it, really, unless they booed, and then you go, 'I guess that guy didn't like the show.' But now you get booed 24 hours a day on social media."

Akins has gotten a front row view to his son's superstar status rise, as well as to the inevitable naysayers who use social media to criticize anything they can about Rhett and his family.

"He could tweet 'Happy Birthday' to Ada James, and someone goes, 'Country music sucks,'" Akins said. "That's their comment. But nowadays, you get to see – obviously his comments are a million 'I love you,' and there's one, 'I hate you.' I just didn't know how he was going to make it through, but I believe [it's] his faith in God."

Akins also credits his daughter-in-law, Lauren Akins, with always helping Rhett through the inevitable hard times, as well as Rhett's growing faith.

"I think Lauren has always been such the backbone," boasted Akins. "Anytime he's feeling down or out, call Lauren. We're always talking about God on the road. He told me, 'Dad, I just got something convicting me this weekend, and I went to church. I want to start doing this more on the road.'

"I think the number one thing that sustains him through it all is he's got so many family members that got his back, and Lauren," he added. "He just loves God and totally believes that it's all in His hands."


Akins is joining Rhett on his Very Hot Summer Tour, along with Dustin Lynch and Russell Dickerson. Rhett will likely be off the road in time to welcome his third daughter into the world later this year. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images / Rick Diamond