Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Celebrate Daughter Gracie's 22nd Birthday

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill celebrated their oldest daughter Gracie's 22nd birthday on Sunday, May 5. Both superstars honored their daughter with touching tributes on social media.

"I can’t believe this beautiful light in our lives, the wild and crazy, beautiful, smart immeasurably talented young lady. Who just happens to have a heart bigger than the Milky Way galaxy," McGraw wrote. "My oldest daughter, My heart and soul ..... Is 22 today. We love you to the end of the universe!!! You’re gonna slay this year!!!!!!"

Hill also celebrated their oldest child, sharing a quote Gracie said when she was just seven years old, along with a few pictures of their firstborn through the years.

"HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY, GRACIE!!!!!!" Hill wrote, alongside a snapshot of a piece of paper, which had the words, "'I once was a baby and I grew up to be me,' by Gracie, age 7" written on it. "One of your famous quotes. I saved them all. This one feels right for today I love you, Mom."

Hill's post drew a few comments from her famous friends, all joining in to wish Gracie a special day.

"This is so wonderful!!!" said Drew Barrymore. "Happy birthday to you and your girl!!!!!!! Love to your whole family."

"Happy Birthday Gracie!" Rita Wilson wrote. "You are a light in everyone’s life you touch."

"So cute" added Jamie O'Neal.

Gracie's birthday is only a few days after Hill's May 1 birthday, which was celebrated with a romantic stroll by the country music power couple.

Gracie seems to have inherited her parent's musical talents. Gracie sang with her dad on a track called "Here Tonight," from McGraw's 2015 Damn Country Music album.

"I was doing this song, and as I was doing the vocal on it, I was thinking, ‘Man, I bet Gracie’s vocal would sound really cool on this,’" McGraw recalled to The Boot. "I just knew the way she sang, because she’s my daughter, and I know how she sings. She has such an energy.

"Every time I’d go home at night after being in the studio, I’d just hear her voice on this record," McGraw continued. "I’m decidedly uncool to her. I’m Dad. I didn’t think that she would think it would be very cool to sing with Dad, especially with her group of friends and her group of musicians."

It was Gracie who also inspired McGraw to get in shape, a passion that has stayed with him for a decade.

“Ten years ago was when I really was not taking care of myself as well as I should," McGraw said (via CMT). "And my lifestyle wasn’t as good: up until 3:00 in the morning, having that extra beer with the band, eating cheeseburgers late, and not hitting the gym in the morning. It was just getting out of control. And I’ll tell you what one of the big keys that turn my life around was.


"My kids were younger, and we were at the theater, and all the sudden the trailer for Four Christmases (which starred McGraw as Dallas McVie) popped up, and my face popped up on the screen. And my oldest daughter said, ’Geez, Dad. You really need to do something.’ And the next day, I was in the gym.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer