Levi Hummon Releases Long-Awaited EP 'Patient'

Making music is not just a passion for Levi Hummon. It is in his DNA. Literally.

The singer, songwriter, and fast-rising artist was born into the industry. His father, Marcus Hummon, is a GRAMMY award-winning songwriter penning songs for Rascal Flatts, Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw and more. Despite having an insider angle, the process of making it on his own hasn't been an easy one. Hummon does know, however, that having his father’s perspective and guidance has at least given him a great starting point.

“When I come in with a title or idea or hook, he takes it and tells me his opinion on it and he’s very, very honest," Hummon told PopCulture.com. “Having a dad that’s in the business I can look to him and ask him questions, which is just huge for me.”

His latest EP, Patient, is set to be released October 26th and relays an organic expression of what he hopes his future in the country music industry will look like.

(Photo: Photo Courtesty of PFA Media)

The title track is on the trendier side of country that is bound to be a fan favorite. Hummon cuts right to the core with lyrics that paint a favorable picture of a relationship: “Oh oh, who loves champagne, yeah / Sleeping in Sunday’s, no / And cuttin’ up my t-shirt, oh / On my shoulders at the concert / Whatever it is, you got it baby / I stopped looking and you found me, patiently waiting for a girl like you."

The inspiration was from a writing session and not from a specific example, except for one key factor.

“It’s an imaginary girl but I just turned it into things that I know girls like to do,” he explained, ”like champagne, sleeping on Sunday’s and dancing at concerts, and I’ve had girlfriends in the past who have cut up all my T-shirts.”

Hummon is not necessarily a fan of having his t-shirts torn up, but that does not mean he is not looking for the emotional connection conveyed in the verse of the song.

“I’ve always wanted to write the title ‘Patient.' I think it’s a theme in my life and it’s waiting for these opportunities, going out there on the road and grinding and working and writing every day when I’m in town,” he said. “I just wanted to write something about that – this idea of being patient and waiting on something, and of course it turned into a song about a girl.”

Hummon will hit the road in support of his new project, and said that his fans should expect to see his best, every time he is on stage.

“We just drove all the way to Albany, New York from Nashville in a 15-passenger van and I said on stage, ‘Guys, I didn’t drive all this way to play 30 minutes of music, I drove this way to come say hi and meet you,’” Hummon said.

“Until I get to the point where I can’t go walk out to merch and meet every single person that wants to say hi, I’m going to keep doing that.”


Order Patient at LeviHummon.com.

Photo Credit: EB Media/Kate Dearman