Jimmy Buffett Surfs in Hurricane Florence Swell as He Delivers Serious Warning to Followers

Hurricane Florence may have made landfall, but one person isn't too worried about the impending storm.

Jimmy Buffett used Instagram Thursday to let his followers know that he was heading out for a surfing trip in South Carolina, one of the states Florence is expected to impact.

The musician shared a shot of himself smiling and flashing a hang ten sign at the camera as he posed with a fellow surfer next to a pair of surfboards, with Buffett's post indicating he was hitting the waves at Folly Beach in South Carolina.

(Photo: Instagram / @jimmybuffett)

"That hurricane swell," the photo read.

The impending hurricane gave Buffett the chance to live out the lyrics to his song "Surfing in a Hurricane," which he released in 2009.

“I ain’t afraid of dyin,’” the lyrics read. “I got no need to explain, I feel like goin’ surfing in a hurricane.”

Despite his laid-back attitude, Buffett did offer a few words of warning to his fans.

"On a serious note - respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities," he wrote.

Buffett went surfing on Wednesday, with the mayor of Folly Beach closing the bridge to the island later that night in anticipation of Florence's arrival.

Many fans warned the "Margaritaville" singer to be safe ahead of the storm.

"Be careful, be safe and enjoy!" one wrote.

Another urged, "Be safe!! Catch your wave and then go to higher ground."

Others praised Buffett's thrill-seeking ways.

"YES! Jimmy you're a badass," complimented one fan.

A second wrote, "You look great! And YOLO!"

Still others lamented that they had already left the area.

"I’m so sad!" shared one commenter. "Evacuated from my beachfront folly cottage to Columbia and jimmy shows up today???"

"NOOOO the love of my life is at my home while i'm stuck in savannah playing it safe!!!" added another.

Ahead of the hurricane, millions of people were ordered to evacuate in multiple states, with some evacuation orders mandatory.

Despite the warnings, two surfers at Folly Beach told The Washington Post that before a storm is the best time to catch some waves.


“We’ve lived here all our lives,” one said. “Surfed many a hurricane swell. You know, these are chances that we get to surf actually big waves … we’re getting the waves in right now, but it’s going to be a prolonged event and that’s what we’re more afraid of.”

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jimmybuffett