Kacey Musgraves Explains Why She is Joining Harry Styles on Tour

Kacey Musgraves is opening up about her decision to join Harry Styles on his tour, which includes dates in both the U.S. and Europe. The 29-year-old says, for her, it makes perfect sense to share the stage with the One Direction member.

"Why not? I mean, country and pop have always have kind of gone hand in hand in a lot of ways throughout the years," Musgraves says on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show. "All of my favorites have crossed lines like that. I think it's fun. He's a fan of the [Golden Hour] record, and he said, 'Will you come be on tour with me? And I was like, 'OK, yeah.'"

Musgraves is proud to be an ambassador for country music overseas, especially since the genre is just beginning to become well-known in European countries.

"I think there's an extra excitement because they don't get to see it that much," Musgraves explains. "It's kind of in our own backyard here. But over there, it's a new thing that we're coming over and playing there, so they're super excited."

The Texas native has seen first-hand how excited fans are to hear live country music, even at a pop concert.

"I love country music, but I love a bunch of different kinds of things, so being in front of this new crowd, and it's crazy amounts of people every night, who probably don't really know much about country – seeing them embrace it is really cool," Musgraves shares. "They're wearing cowboy hats, and they're being like 'Hee haw!' They know the words and stuff. It's cool. It's cool to see genre lines being opened, and people being open-minded."

Musgraves is taking plenty of cues from Styles, who has clearly already learned how to make his music work in a concert setting.

"The song that I like the most is 'Woman,'" Musgraves reveals. "Live, you can see how his songs work. He might have had that in mind. I don't know. Knowing that his songs are massive and everyone sings every word. He can't say one thing without people completely freaking out. It's like Beatle-mania. I'm not joking."

Musgraves hints she is working on her own headlining tour after her run with Styles comes to an end.

"I wanna do my own stuff, and get back to playing my own shows," Musgraves says. "This year [I've] been out with Little Big Town, and then Harry. So it's been awesome being back in an opener slot. I like that, actually. I think it's really cool having the challenge of being in front of someone else's audience, and having to win them over, and getting to learn about this new group of people. But there's nothing that beats doing your own thing. They're there to see you, and they know all the words."


A list of all of Musgraves' upcoming shows can be found at KaceyMusgraves.com.

Photo Credit: Instagram/spaceykacey