Carrie Underwood Turned Down as Anthem Singer by Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights turned down Carrie Underwood's offer to sing the National Anthem at one of their playoff games.

When the Nashville Predators were eliminated in their quest for the Stanley Cup, Underwood tweeted she was giving her support to the Golden Knights, even offering to sing at one of their games.

"And I’ll also say, until next season, I am officially a @GoldenKnights fan!" tweeted the singer. "I’ll enjoy seeing them make a little history!!"

Later, Underwood said, "And one last thing...if the @GoldenKnights need an anthem singer, I’m 2-0 in the playoffs...just saying...," but apparently the Sin City team isn't interested in Underwood's talent.

“We are very flattered by the offer but we do not plan on making any changes to our previously scheduled anthem singer lineup at this time,” Golden Knights officials said in a statement (quote via the Las Vegas Review-Journal). “This lineup includes musicians who have previously performed at our home games as well as additional entertainers with residencies or ties to Las Vegas that we have been in touch with throughout the year.”

Underwood, who most recently sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" on Sunday, April 29, certainly won't be too hampered by the rejection. The 35-year-old's latest single, "Cry Pretty," is rapidly climbing the charts. The song is the debut single and title track of her upcoming new album.

"We have a lot of songs on there that are definitely emotional and kind of soulful and real and raw," Underwood reveals of the upcoming record. "There's so much love and care and heart that has gone into writing these songs, putting music to these songs. Everything has been done in such a careful and loving way."

Cry Pretty also marks Underwood's first time working as a co-producer on one of her own projects, joining forces with David Garcia.

"Co-producing was, I feel like it was kind of a natural evolution," Underwood says. "I had been working with David Garcia on the writing side of things, and we just really hit it off. The first song that we wrote together is on the album, so it was kind of like, 'I like this guy. Write with him again.' There's a certain chemistry that comes together when there's a band there, and everybody feeds off each other. We got a lot of guys that I had worked with before, and some that I hadn't. Everybody rocked it."


Download "Cry Pretty" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: YouTube