Lindsay Ell Welcomes Questions About Her Personal Life

Lindsay Ell just became the first female artist to have a No. 1 hit since 2008 in her native Canada with "Criminal," her second single from her 2017 The Project album. The song, which just became a Top 20 hit in the United States, is proof that Ell's career is definitely heading in the right direction.

"It's so crazy," Ell tells "I feel so grateful and so humble. I can't believe that a female artist hasn't had a No. 1 in the Canadian country radio charts for a decade, ever since Terri Clark in 2008. I'm just so excited that I can be a part of that movement to show that female artists are recording great music right now, and just show this resurgence of female artists, and girl power. And the fact that we hit top 20 [this week], it's so insane, and I'm so grateful for my team. They worked so hard, and it's a really special weekend."

Ell has already learned one unfortunate side of having so much success: details of her personal life becoming public information. The 29-year-old found herself the topic of media scrutiny after she became romantically involved, and later broke up with, radio host Bobby Bones.

While some artists find the constant glare of the spotlight uncomfortable, Ell says she welcomes it.

"As members of the entertainment industry, our personal life is part of our thing, and I showcase my life on social media as it is," she shares. "And so it's part of the available material that's out there. So yeah, my personal life has been a lot in the spotlight over the past year or so.

"It's kind of what I signed up for," she continues. "As any member in the entertainment industry, especially if you're on social media, it's what you volunteer for. So if people wanna ask about it, then all right, they should."

Still, if Ell had her way, what she'd really like to talk about is her run as the opening act on Brad Paisley's Weekend Warrior Tour, before she takes a turn with Sugarland on their Still the Same Tour, and then Keith Urban on the Canadian leg of his Graffiti U Tour.

"Brad Paisley is so sweet and generous," gushes Ell. "He's taking us into his road family all year, and I can't believe we're almost at the end of the Weekend Warrior Tour. It feels like it's been just our days. I just have so much thanks to give to Brad Paisley, and it's been so inspiring as a guitar player to watch him play every night. I'm gonna be really, really sad when the tour's over."


Find a list of all of Ell's upcoming shows by visiting her website. Download "Criminal" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Instagram/LindsayEll