Lindsay Ell Reveals Her Tour Essentials on the Road

Lindsay Ell has toured with some of country music's biggest stars, including her current run as the opening act on Brad Paisley's Weekend Warrior Tour, as well as headlined plenty of her own shows. Thankfully, the 28-year-old is pretty low-maintenance when she is on the road, but there are a few items she has to have, including her favorite sneakers!

"I love playing in sneakers or hi-tops or some form of running shoe wedge," Ell tells People. "I normally have a few pairs with me at all times. Lately, I've been wearing a lot of Steve Madden. But long story short, I play better guitar in sneakers."

While Ell also always has a couple books handy, she admits she isn't very good at unplugging, on the road or at home.

"The emoji with the phone in your hand is the epitome of me," confesses the singer. "I have my phone attached to my hip, practically. Whether it's to record song ideas, voice memos, talking to fans on Instagram or Twitter ... I'm on my phone a lot."

Forget the expensive bottles of wine for Ell, who says hot tea is always her drink of choice.

"I'm kind of obsessed with tea," she reveals. "Any season, any weather. I travel with pretty much my own little tea case. My favorite kind of tea is anything that's caffeine-free, especially ginger turmeric."

Ell also doesn't need an expensive chef or complicated catering requirements. Instead, the Canadian makes her own snacks, especially healthy ones.

"I love making my own food when we're on short trips," says Ell. "You can normally find me with my homemade protein bars. I travel with protein powder, collagen and always dark chocolate ... I'm a fan of recipe substitutions to whatever your diet may be."


Other must-have items include a jump rope, head phones, antibacterial hand and body wipes, a camera, and of course, her guitar.

Ell will join Keith Urban on the Canada leg of his Graffiti U Tour later this year. A list of all of Ell's upcoming shows can be found on her website.