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Reba McEntire Shares Valentine's Day Photos With New Boyfriend

Valentine's Day may have been last week, but Reba McEntire is letting fans in on her romantic celebration a few days after the fact.

The country icon used Instagram to share a set of photos from her day with new boyfriend Anthony "Skeeter" Lasuzzo, a businessman and photographer who she met while vacationing with friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The first photo shows the couple posing next to each other, with McEntire donning a red outfit for the occasion and holding a rose in her hand. The next shot sees the two sitting at a table adorned with rose petals, more flowers in a vase and two red candles.

reba mcentire boyfriend
(Photo: Instagram / @reba)
reba mcentire boyfriend 2
(Photo: Instagram / @reba)

"Skeeter and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!" the singer wrote to her fans. "We hope you did too."

McEntire and Lasuzzo made their public debut at the GRAMMY Awards on Jan. 28, with the singer posting several photos from their weekend on Instagram.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, McEntire shared that fellow country singer Kix Brooks had a hand in her initial meeting with Lasuzzo.

"Kix and Barbara Brooks thought it'd be a good idea, since we were gonna be up around Yellowstone, to get Kix's best friend's wife's brother to show us around. He's a photographer in Jackson Hole," she explained.

"I made another trip to Jackson Hole, because I just love it up there, and he asked me out for a date — just the two of us," she continued. "And we've been dating ever since."

While the star admitted it can be "terrifying" to start a new relationship, she and Lasuzzo have plenty of shared interests.


"Skeeter and I get along really well," McEntire shared. "We love the mountains. Everything that we have encountered ... we love going to plays in New York. He was in the oil and gas business, so being from Oklahoma, I was very familiar with that. As a matter of fact my very first job other than singing was checking records with an oil lease company! It's so funny."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @reba