Brett Eldredge Offers Valentine's Day Advice: 'Don't Cheese It Up'

Brett Eldredge is single this Valentine's Day, but as someone who has fallen in, and out, of love, the singer has sage advice for those who want to nail the upcoming holiday.

"Don't cheese it up," Eldredge shared with at a recent media event. "Don't go [overboard]. I think the more real that you are; if you line up rose petals – you can go a little over the top sometimes, you know? Fill a room with a jillion flowers and all that stuff. Just be the best you. Be romantic, but be romantic in a place of spending time with that person."

"If you want to give a little bit of chocolate or something – I'm not saying don't give them roses," he added. "Just don't go over the top and fly airplanes that say, 'I love you,' or something. But you can if you want to; there's no rules."

Eldredge, who admitted that his mother still sends him a Valentine's Day gift every year, won't have much time to even think about Feb. 14 this year, since he will be in Oklahoma, getting ready to kick off his run as the opening act on Blake Shelton's Country Music Freaks Tour on Feb. 15. The tour will be Eldredge's last role as an opener before he kicks off his own headlining The Long Way Tour.

"I'm excited that Blake is my last tour," the Illinois native said. "I just have such a comfort with that guy. For one, he knows who he is and he's always been so real with me ... He's always just been awesome. He's just an Oklahoma boy that is not only a huge artist and amazing singer and world star now, but he doesn't act like that at all. I think that just watching him connect with the fans watching – I've seen him a couple times live but I've never got to really spend time backstage and sat with him and kinda seeing how his days go."

A list of all of Eldredge's upcoming shows can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/BrettEldredge