Steve Moakler Announces New Album, 'Born Ready'

Steve Moakler has announced his fifth studio album, Born Ready, releasing the title track on Friday along with the news of the project.

"Born Ready" is a result of the country singer's partnership with Mack Trucks. The company's values are "hard work, commitment and passion," which the song reflects.

"Born Ready" was co-written by Moakler along with Nashville writers Barry Dean and Luke Laird. The song is an ode to long-haul truckers and has a driving beat that makes you want to tap your foot.

"Red white blue just rollin' down the blacktop / Bulldogs barking til the can-do backs off / Raised on the run just two hands holdin' on steady / Born ready," Moakler sings, infusing a hint of Springsteen into his own unique style.

"'Born Ready' is about believing that you're built to handle the road you're on," Moakler said in a statement. "I started writing this song with truck drivers in mind, but quickly realized that I was telling my own story too. Whether your job has you behind the steering wheel or not, I think the road is a perfect metaphor for life."

"It's about closing the distance between where you are and where you want to be," he continued. "I hope the song inspires people to hang tough and to not turn around. That's what it does for me."

Born Ready will be Moakler's fifth studio album, following 2017's Steel Town, which honored the singer's Pittsburgh roots. It will be released later this year.

Hear "Born Ready" below.

Photo Credit: Spencer Combs