Jason Aldean Releases Series of Videos For 'You Make It Easy'

Jason Aldean is releasing not one but three videos for his latest single, "You Make It Easy." The song plays through each video, in its entirety, while a story of love, loss and redemption unfolds in the the mini-movies.

"For me a great song tells a story, and this was one of those songs," explains Aldean. "I felt like it did that... I'm a firm believer in great songs paint a picture, that's what makes them great, is people don't have to think about what the song's saying or is there a hidden meaning here or there? No offense, but I don't want to think like that. That's too much work."

Famed director Shaun Silva, who has done several of Aldean's videos in the past, including "Lights Come On" and "Any Ol' Barstool," admits the idea of doing three videos was a daunting task.

"It was an interesting approach, because when I got the call from management, they said, 'We want three videos,' and I went, 'Awesome. Three jobs.' And then they said, 'No, for the same song,'" he recalls. "It was a bit of a challenge to think of a story that would be able to carry one song three times, because again, I didn't know how this was going to be released – back-to-back or every other week. It's still a mystery. I had also gotten a note from Jason that he wanted it to be a love story, and I think there was a reference to [Rascal Flatts'] 'What Hurts the Most,' which is a video I did several years ago."

"You Make It Easy" is the debut single from Aldean's upcoming eighth studio album, Rearview Town. Written by Florida Georgia Line guys Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, along with Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt, the ballad reflects Aldean's love of blues and R&B. Although Aldean knows the sound is different for him, he insists it was an important song, both for the new record and his career.

"As an artist, I think a lot of times it's kind of tough to, not really reinvent yourself, but feel like you're putting out records and albums that don't sound like everything else that you've done," explains the singer. "Part of what you do is your sound, but once people hear it a few times, they know what it is, and it's kind of tough to change that up sometimes. Sometimes you hear songs that allow you to do that, and this was one of those songs that immediately, when I heard it, it had a little bit of a bluesier feel to it, and it's something we haven't really done a lot of, even though that was a big influence for me."

"I felt like it was a great song," he adds, "and hits, whether they're slow or fast, a hit's a hit."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/JasonAldean