Exclusive: Aaron Watson Shares His Wife's Sweet Response to His 'Graphic' Single, 'Run Wild Horses'

Aaron Watson's current single, "Run Wild Horses," is a modern-day version of a love song. The tune, which says "Somewhere on a nowhere road I hear you whisper this / Slow that Mustang down, come on and steal my kiss / Girl I've got you in my arms, coming all undone / No fences in your heart run wild horses," was written for his wife, and mother of his three children, paying homage to a relationship that has stood the test of time.

"I wrote half of it at home, and then we were at LA playing the Troubadour, kind of an iconic rock room," Watson tells PopCulture.com. "I was in LA walking up and down the streets, and I wrote the second verse there, thinking about her and how special she is. So when I got back the next week, I took the kids to school, and when I got home, she was making us breakfast. I said, ‘I’ve got to sing you this song I wrote,’ and she said, ‘OK.’ So I sang it to her, and she goes, ‘Oh dear. That’s kind of graphic.’ I said, ‘Well girl, it kind of gets like that sometimes.’"

"She’s such a mom," he continues. "She’s such a sweet girl. There’s a lot of boys, singing love songs about one night stands. That’s not a love song. This is a song about a girl who’s given birth to my babies, who’s been putting up with me for a long time. This girl deserves, she deserves it."

For Watson, it was important for him to write about the lasting love he has found with his wife, both for himself and for others.

"So many love songs today, it’s about young love, where you just met her, and all of a sudden it’s hot and heavy," says the 40-year-old. "And, I think there needed to be a song out there, about – we’ve been in this relationship for 15 years. We have three kids. It’s important for people to know that there’s still passion in relationships that have been together for so long. And honestly, I think it gets better. So for me, I just wanted to write a love song for my wife, and I wasn’t thinking about a radio single. I was just thinking about writing her a song that made her feel special, lifted her up on that pedestal, let her know that she’s my girl."

"Run Wild Horses" is from Watson's latest latest Vaquero album. Download the single on iTunes.