WATCH Sobering New Jared Blake Video 'Don't Let Her Be Gone'

Jared Blake is sharing an important message in the video for his latest single, "Don't Let Her Be Gone." The former contestant on The Voice stars in the video, alongside his wife, Jennifer, basing the storyline on an accident the couple were involved in last year in Nashville, when they collided with a drunk driver. The couple hit another car, which was going the wrong way, head-on, resulting in numerous injuries.

In the video for the song, which was written by Ray Stephenson, Buddy Owens and John Osborne, the couple get into an argument, with Blake's wife going out and drinking with friends to curb her sadness, then getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, resulting in a car crash after she told her husband she'd be home later.

While the storyline in the video may not be based on actual events, the memory of the accident last year forever changed Blake, and his family.

"The pain of watching her leave in an ambulance, and not knowing if I'd ever see her alive again was the heartbreak so many feel for so many reasons," Blake says (quote via Taste of Country). "It was like watching her walk away from our love with nothing to say."

The accident, which occurred on May 9, left Blake's wife with a fractured spine and other physical ailments, although miraculously, the parents of six both survived the impact.

"It's so unusual to survive a head-on crash at interstate speed," she wrote on Facebook a few days after the crash last year. We were on an interstate change near downtown, on a curve, and by the time we saw headlights it was too late. We were on a bridge lucky no flips happened, but that also meant we hit almost straight on. It was terrifying and I still feel like this was all a dream. I only remember a horrible burning smell and burning throats and screaming to get of the vehicle. Jared somehow got out and bent my door open to lay me on the ground.

"I couldn't move but just stared at the stars knowing my eyes were open and I could hear so I was alive," she recalls. "The ambulance arrived what seemed very quickly. I remember them cutting off my clothes and staring in their eyes to see if they worried about anything. It looked okay. I was able to relax and stopped shaking by the time I got to the hospital."

Blake hopes that the dramatic video, which ends with real-life scenes from the crash and a number (1-800-610-HOPE) for people who struggle with addiction and want to quit.

"Don't Let Her Be Gone" is a powerful addition to their charity, Live to Be, Blake and his wife started in 2015, which allows him to visit schools all over the country, sharing his own story of addiction and recovery, and sharing their empowering message of positivity.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/JaredBlakeMusic