'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth Rocks His 'Spirit Animal' in Hardcore Workout Video

Thor star Chris Hemsworth let out his inner "spirit animal" Friday when he shared an extreme workout video with his fans on Instagram.

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Trying to lock in on my workout spirit animal for 2019 @zocobodypro @da_rulk

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"Trying to lock in on my workout spirit animal for 2019," the Men In Black International actor wrote. He also tagged trainer Luke Zocchi and conditioning specialist Rulk.

The video shows Hemsworth, 35, moving across a tennis court on all fours, with the voice of his trainer directing him to walk like a bear, then a wombat, a platypus and kangaroo. At the end, his trainer tells him to grab a rope, but they forgot to bring one!

Since Hemsworth plays a Norse god in the Marvel movies, he has to keep in shape. He worked with former Navy SEAL Duffy Graver for the first Thor film, helping Hemsworth reach peak physical condition.

“People see Chris and they think he was on steroids, but he didn’t touch a single substance,” Gaver recently told Muscle and Fitness. “It was just red meat, heavy weights and some protein powder. He crushed every single workout. He simply decided to look like Thor.”

During a W Magazine interview in 2017, Hemsworth said most of the training he did to get in shape to play Thor involved weightlifting.

"It’s just a lot of heavy weightlifting, you know, isolated muscle groupings," Hemsworth explained. "I think how it’s changed over the years. The first time I did it I would just do weightlifting. I didn’t work in as much sort of cardio or functional flexibility, sort of movement training which I do now. It’s much better. I was, I think, probably a little bigger the first time around, but I felt very stiff and sort of uncomfortable. Now, I feel much more, like it’s useful kind of muscle, functional kind of movement and training."

Hemsworth also said he makes sure his children with his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, 42, stay healthy too. They avoid processed food and cutting back on sugar.

"We’re very mindful of sugar with the kids because, you start looking for all these breakfast cereals, this type of milk, or lactose-free milk, or rice milk or whatever and then it’s got like nine, 10 grams of sugar, and you look on the back of anything now there’s four or five, nine, 10, 12 grams of sugar, and before you know it you’re addicted to sugar, little drug addicts," the actor explained. "Try and get them to understand the dangers of sugar in particular, I think because it’s just everywhere. It’s in so many products."

Hemsworth shares workout videos on his Instagram page regularly. On Dec. 10, Hemsworth shared another video of himself doing a "little leg burner" with Rulk.

"Try this 10 times through... Cheers to @da_rulk for giving us this little leg burner. No equipment needed, low impact and super functional. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a pair of concrete gum boots afterward," he wrote.


Hemsworth has played Thor in three solo movies, three Avengers movies and Doctor Strange. He plays the character again in Avengers: Endgame, which opens on April 29. He also stars in Men In Black International, which hits theaters on June 14.

Photo credit: Europa Press via Getty Images