Richard Gere Hospitalized in Mexico

Richard Gere is currently recovering in a Mexican hospital, according to TMZ. The outlet says that Gere is vacationing with his family and came down with a case of pneumonia. The good news is he will be fine, but it seems to have put a damper on the birthday celebration he had planned for his wife, Alejandra Silva.

Silva is celebrating her 40th birthday, with the couple's children right behind and enjoying the beach. As TMZ notes, Gere's wife shared a photo from the beach with the children taking off for the water. She also indicates how the family had been dealing with an illness before the photo.

"Thank you all for the birthday wishes.. after almost 3 weeks of everyone being sick in our family today finally I feel much better!" Silva wrote. "Thank you for all the love. O give it all back to you."

Gere reportedly had a bad cough before heading out on the trip and didn't want to leave the An Officer and A Gentleman star after arriving in Mexico. He then checked into a local hospital, receiving his diagnosis and undergoing treatment overnight. The vacation only needed a slight detour and is still ongoing according to TMZ. Gere received some antibiotics at the hospital and was released the next day, reportedly feeling a lot better.

Silva's Instagram Story from Saturday paints a better picture for fans of the actor. It shows Gere, Silva, and their children walking and enjoying another beach day. Gere was also masked up.

Gere and Silva have been married since 2018, surprising fans with the nuptials and then adding more surprise with a pregnancy in August 2018. The couple would welcome their second child in April 2020.