What Ralphie From 'A Christmas Story' Is Doing Today

While Peter Billingsley is best known for pining after a Red Rider BB Gun in A Christmas Story, his resumé is full of other huge hits you've probably heard of.

Billingsley has built a huge career as a producer behind the camera. He was a producer on Marvel's Iron Man in 2008 — the film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it now.

The child star also produced three of Vince Vaughn's biggest hits: Four Christmases, The Break-Up and Couples Retreat. In addition, he worked on Zathura: A Space Adventure, which was the first attempt to adapt more material in the Jumanji universe into film.

Billingsley also has some impressive credits in the TV world. He's an executive producer on the Netflix Original series F is For Family, which is a huge property for the streaming giant. He worked as an EP on TBS's Sullivan & Son as well.

Finally, Billingsley made a cameo in another Christmas classic that many fans might have missed.

In Elf, Billingsley portrays Ming Ming, the Christmas elf in charge of Santa's workshop who can't bring himself to scold Buddy (Will Ferrell) for his poor production rates.

Billingsley keeps a pretty low profile online — perhaps for the same reason he prefers to be behind the camera these days rather than in front of it. The Christmas icon does have a profile on Twitter, though he has made little mention of the movie that brings him into homes across America at this time every year. He also hasn't tweeted anything in over three years.


Here's a photo of Ralphie, all grown up.