Mel B Proves She Can Still Rock Her Old Spice Girls Outfits

Mel B is spicing up her life — and ours — with playful shots from a dress-up party featuring some original Scary Spice costumes.

The former pop star indulged her teenage niece, U.K. TV presenter Tillie Thalia, by dressing up as her famous persona on Friday.

"Spice party at my house boom hey," she wrote on Instagram alongside two fun photos. " 'Can the real Spice Girl please stand up please stand up?'… Playing dress up with my niece @tillie_thalia in my 'ORIGINAL' Spice get up."

Mel B added hashtags "#stillfits," #girlpower" and "womenempoweringwomen," among others.

Spice Girls superfans will notice that those original costumes are iconic pieces from the group's history. One of the outfits was Mel B's getup from the girl group's reunion for a performance at the 2012 London Olympics. Another was the colorful two-piece Scary Spice donned in the music video for "Wannabe" in 1996.

Thalia also held up two of her aunt's awards in a photo, including a moonman trophy from MTV.

Aside from the serious nostalgic vibes, Mel B's throwback dress-up party proves that her figure is just as fabulous at 42 as it was in the '90s.

The America's Got Talent judge has been open about her struggle to maintain a fit body as she ages, but she found her groove last year and managed to lose 30 pounds.

"I've worked soooo hard for this body," she said in an Instagram post highlighting her progress. "Trust me it didn't come easy... It takes a lot of dedication control discipline and will power [because] it isn't fun [being] the only girl at the party not drinking and the only one waking up at the crack of dawn to workout ."

After pregnancies and aging made it difficult to feel good in her own skin, Mel B said she gave herself a "mission" to change and be the greatest version of herself.


"I'm not perfect but all I can do is try," she wrote. "That's all we can do, but the hard work is paying off finally... I feel amazing and it's only getting better so ladies if you're going through it or have been through it, give yourself a pat on the back [because] it's all you and NO ONE can ever take your inner strength away from you."