Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Flashes Armpit Hair in Rare Selfie Together

Madonna has many saying she and her daughter are doing their part to make female body hair acceptable in a new rare photo together. The pop star is no stranger to showing her underarms on social media, posting a photo back in 2014 that had some claiming she was faking it. The latest photo the iconic musician posted isn't facing those types of accusations.

Posing with daughter Lourdes Leon while taking a selfie together, Madonna is dressed in white with a flower petal crown and her arms wrapped around her daughter's waist. Leon, dressed in a green dress, has her arm extended to take the photo revealing her unshaved underarms.

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"Like pieces of your Heart Walking around outside of you," Madonna captioned the photo, including a heart at the end. The photo sparked a divisive response from followers. "Omg! She don't shave her underarms?" one critic wrote in the comments. "She needs to shave," another added.

But many people came to the defense of both Madonna and her daughter. "I don't get why the big focus is on her armpit hair !!! It's only hair !!! It's a beautiful picture of a mother and daughter 2 beautiful women," a supporter wrote. "So much hate only because she's not shaving. We don't tell men to shave their legs or arms.. But we have to? Jesus christ."


This is not the first time Madonna has faced criticism and controversy on her social media. Recently, a TikTok user named Amelia Goldie accused Madonna of photoshopping her head onto the younger body. "When Madonna posts a photo of herself to IG to promote her album but it's actually your body (I'm not joking)," Goldie wrote in reference to the photo. She later spoke to BuzzFeed about the allegations, noting that there were "no hard feelings" but she did believe some credit was deserved if her body was indeed used.

The strangest part of the story is how Madonna's post on Instagram is six years old. The details on how it all came together are up in the air and likely won't have an answer any time soon.