Kim Kardashian Works Her Booty off to Stay in Shape

Despite her busy lifestyle, Kim Kardashian makes sure she stays in shape, and her Sunday Instagram Story is proof of that.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians personality took to the social media platform to show off her workout regimen.

Kardashian is apparently following a`HIIT (high-intensity interval training) plan focused on her butt and abs with her trainer, Amanda Lee.

As Lee films, Kardashian is shown performing various squat and weight exercises.

As she does this, songs from Nas' new album NASIR, which was executive produced by her husband Kanye West, play in the background. Specifically, you can hear the song "Cops Shot the Kid," which features production and rapping from West, playing at the beginning of the video compilation.

After a few workout clips, Kardashian is shown laid out on the floor with her shirt pulled over her face. The caption of the photo simple "Dead" with skull, strength and casket emojis. There are also donut, ice cream and candy bar emojis marked out using Instagram's draw tool.

Kardashian shared a couple more workout snaps on Monday. In those, trainer Melissa Alcantara is seen doing pull ups to demonstrate Kardashian's next workout routine, but Kardashian is less confident about her strength.

"This is what she thinks I'm capable of doing today, guys," Kardashian jokes.

As for what exactly Kardashian does in her workouts, Lee recently told E! News about her plans for both Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

"With them and for myself I'm really big on HIIT training, which is high intensity interval training, so it's mostly geared towards toning, lifting, tightening and fat burning, even though that's not a main goal," she said. "We mostly focus on routines with those three, and I would say we do a lot of side walking squats with the resistance band, we do a lot of step-up combinations with the step, we do a lot of like jumping squat combinations with the bosu ball. We do a lot of like leg lift donkey kicks, outer thigh exercises, just a little bit of everything."


She also revealed that she works with Kourtney each weekday, but only with Kardashian twice each week. Despite their busy schedules and high-profile status, the pair apparently give their all when working out.

"I have to say they never complain, there's never anything that they don't do," Lee said. "They're pretty motivated, they really give it their all and they really get the most out of the workout every time. Their favorites are the butt and outer thigh mat exercises so like the donkey kick and the clam are their favorites because they really feel the burn."