Jessie J Embraces Cellulite in Body Positive Photo Flaunting Her Physique

Jessie J is celebrating her body, imperfections and all.

On Thursday, the British singer, who is currently dating Channing Tatum, took to Instagram to share a candid photo of herself in a black bikini on a rocky beach with her back to the camera, showing off both her curves and cellulite.

“Took ages to hairspray my hair like that. My shadow is my mood,” she captioned the photo, referring to her windswept hair. “Oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror.”

(Photo: Instagram / @jessiej)

The post, which lacked any work in Photoshop to hide any imperfections, was applauded by fans, with many of the singer’s 7.7 million followers flooding the comments section with praise.

“I absolutely love that you didn’t Photoshop the natural cellulite under the booty that most celebrities have regardless of size,” one fan wrote.

“This is what we need, women being real and honest and not afraid to show the reality that most of us have cellulite. And yet we continue to look at filtered pictures of celebrities and believe that they don’t have it,,” another added. “Thank you Jessie for being real and proving that we are all beautiful regardless of a few bumps on our booties.”

“You’re beautiful. And real,” one fan began. “How refreshing to see a celebrity CELEBRATE a non-airbrushed body!!!”

The “Domino” singer has long been open with fans, frequently taking to social media to embrace her physique. In a 2016 post, she revealed that she had been “working on my body…when I can be bothered,” taking the moment to once again embrace her imperfections.

“I could write a deep and meaningful quote to make this less of a 'pic of my bum' but that's all it is. No deep quote. Just a pic of my bum,” she captioned the photo.


“I have been working on my body recently. When I can be bothered. To gain weight and to be stronger, fitter, healthier and to feel good!” she added. “Accepting my cellulite. UT doing something about it instead of just moaning about it!! A bit of self love and celebrating the body your in is POSITIVE and needed!”

The singer’s openness doesn’t just extend to her physical appearance. In a video shared in February, she addressed mental health and admitted that she had “weird emotional days.” She also encouraged those struggling with their mental health to “TALK to people you love when you are down. Please do not suffer in silence.”