Jason Momoa Blasts Body-Shaming Trolls Amid 40th Birthday

Jason Momoa is not fazed by critics of his appearance, shooting them a snarky response before his birthday celebrations. The actor was accused of letting himself go and even having a "dad bod" in recent beach photos, but for Momoa it's just chatter.

Momoa turns 40 on Thursday, and he is already celebrating in style. On Monday, he was approached by reporters from TMZ at the airport, where he offered a few comments to his body-shaming critics.

"Oh, that's alright," he said of the dad bod talk. Asked if it offended him in any way, he added: "No, not at all."

"Tell TMZ I'll show you my dad bod soon, alright?" he concluded, climbing into his car.

Momoa was in Los Angeles International Airport between birthday celebrations. He was treated to a surprise party by friends over the weekend, where he enjoyed a Guinness Ale flavored cake. They documented the whole celebration in his latest video blog, complete with lots of hugs and lots of beer.

Momoa told reporters that he did not get any presents at the party, but that the time spent with friends was enough, especially as it was such a surprise. He is expecting some more quality time with his family later this week to mark his actual birthday.

Momoa was first hit with body-shaming commentary earlier this month, when he was spotted on vacation in Venice with his wife, Lisa Bonet. There, he was photographed in a swimsuit, and some online said that he looked out of shape.

Of course, there were many more who came to Momoa's defense. The actor looked perfectly healthy and characteristically muscular in the pictures, which were taken candidly and apparently without his knowledge. Some pointed out that Momoa did not have the benefit of Hollywood lighting and makeup, which is often used to touch up the upper body for movies and photoshoots.

Others answered with bemused, self-deprecating jokes. If Momoa was out of shape, they quipped, that made them practically monstrous.

Momoa is currently between a handful of massive projects right now. He recently wrapped filming on Denis Villeneuve's Dune adaptation, in which he plays warrior and bodyguard Duncan Idaho. He stars in the upcoming TV series See, which is currently filming, and the just-announced new feature film with Netflix called Sweet Girl.


Of course, Momoa will also reprise his role as Arthur Curry, as last year's Aquaman made over $1 billion at the box office. However, Aquaman 2 is not due in theaters until 2022.