Heidi Klum Reveals What Her Kids Really Think of Her Racy Photos

Heidi Klum is a supermodel and super hot mom, and her kids don't seem to mind.

The 44-year-old multi-talented celeb opened up about her frequent Instagram posts in skimpy clothing (if she's wearing clothing at all) and admits that, while her kids have seen the photos, they don't get a say in what mom posts for fans.

When asked what they think of her Instagram posts and lingerie shoots, Klum told Extra at the launch of her new Heidi Klum Intimates line, "They know I worked in the lingerie industry for a long time. They've seen me sunbathing topless at home. Obviously not when the friends are coming over… So, yeah, they're not like, 'Oh, my God! What are you posting?!'"

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The America's Got Talent judge recently took her four kids, ranging in ages seven to 13, on vacation in St. Barts for a 10-day family getaway. The sun and relaxation time has Klum feeling confident, and she says now is the time she feels sexiest! "Because I came back from vacation and I still have my tan... You turn around from every angle, everything is nice and brown. I feel like a marshmallow that's just been roasted."

On that vacation, Klum shared plenty of sexy photos, including an outdoor shower snap sans bikini top.

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"I ❤️ my new 👙 …" the fashion designer captioned the fun snap. The boomerang showed off the swimsuit bottoms from her new line Heidi Klum Swim, as well as her insanely fit body.

As a busy mom and working woman, Klum admits that she doesn't stick to a strict workout schedule. "Whenever I can, I do, and when I can't, then I can't. I don't beat myself over it… [I] go in the attic where I have my little treadmill… You don't need a trainer, you can really do things yourself."


She also swears by doing 'butt lifts' on the floor, adding ankle weights for extra resistance.

As for diet, Klum swears she keeps a balanced eating plan without restrictions. "I eat what I want to eat, but not all the time," she said. "I don't eat burgers and French fries and chocolate and pizza all the time, but I do eat it!"

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