'DWTS' Pro Jenna Johnson Fires Back After Being Body-Shamed on Instagram

Dancing With the Stars pro Jenna Johnson is taking a stand!

Johnson, 24, has had enough of the rude Instagram comments she receives about her weight and is calling out some of the latest detractors.

The dancer, who was partnered with Joe Amabile on DWTS Season 27, has received several nasty Instagram comments lately about her weight. Specifically, many people are saying she is too thin, anorexic.

"Ugh, you (sic) anorexia makes you look 50!" one commenter wrote. "Look at your neck! Gross! Way too thin! Gain some weight girl!"

Another commenter wrote, "Wow you have gotten skinny."

Johnson screenshot some of the remarks and put them in her Instagram Story to defend herself.

(Photo: Instagram / @dance10jenna)

"I am not anorexic but if I was, this would NOT be the way to address it," she wrote. "It is a very serious matter that many people go through. Please be more sensitive about your comments. For someone who has dealt with body image my whole life, it's a constant battle. Do not throw words like fat or anorexic around so casually. Be better. You never know what someone might be going through."

Johnson, who is engaged to fellow DWTS pro Valentin Chmerkovskiy, previously opened up about her struggles with dieting and binge-eating. She struggled in not taking in enough vital elements to keep her body healthy. She would also try to eliminate foods that were unhealthy only to break down and devour a ton of it.

"I ended up gaining a bunch of weight on a vegetarian diet," Johnson told Women's Health Magazine. "I was so low in my iron and protein intake. Once I incorporated protein back into my diet, I started slimming down. ... I was scared of food and had a terrible relationship with it. I would cut something out and then binge on it."

She added, "I could eat chocolate for every meal. When I eat a lot of sugar, I feel so gross. You feel so heavy, and you don't feel as energized."

Johnson says now, however, she sees food as fuel for her body and wants to ensure she has the right mix of substances inside her to keep her going.


"Looking at food as fuel has been a game changer for me," Johnson said. "For me, what makes me healthiest and happiest and most powerful is a happy balance of non-processed food and a lot of protein. I need it for recovery and for my muscle."

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Allen Berezovsky