Debby Ryan Heart Attack Hoax Not First Time 'Jessie' Star Was Subject of Health Scare

The death of Cameron Boyce sent shockwaves through fans of the Disney Channel, particularly with Descendants and Jessie, the two series the actor was deeply connected to. One unforeseen reaction to the death was the decision by fans to pester his co-stars with well wishes and memorials, particularly Debby Ryan.

It reached the point where Ryan closed comments on her Instagram profile and even ended up being the subject of her own health hoax. Some began to spread a rumor that Ryan had not addressed the death of her co-star yet because she had a heart attack after hearing the news of his death. Commenters online ran with the rumor and helped spread the misinformation despite a lack of reports on the actress.

Sadly, this is not the first time the actress has faced rumors and misinformation about her health. Back in 2016, many actually started to send Ryan messages telling her to rest in peace. The reason? Debbie Reynolds passed away shortly after her daughter Carrie Fisher according to The Wrap. After plenty of confusion by fans online, the Jessie star commented and cleared up the mistakes.

(Photo: Debby Ryan/Twitter)

"No...guys, that's very thoughtful but it's Reynolds. Debbie Reynolds..." Ryan wrote on Twitter.

There were plenty of people who expressed their thoughts on Ryan's fake passing, posting for Ryan to rest in peace or showing shock that 2016 took another young talent.

"[Oh My God] I can't believe 2016 took away Debby Ryan too," one fan wrote at the time. "RIP, girl, I will always be Jessie's #1 fan. ?????"

(Photo: Twitter)

Other fans expressed disbelief after the star was forced to post her response.

"I honestly don't know how anyone could. The age difference, the resume, THE SPELLING," a confused fan wrote after Ryan cleared the air.

The Debbie Reynolds confusing seems to have played a role in the current hoax too. Many fans have called out others who are spreading the rumor of a heart attack online, especially in light of the tragic loss of Cameron Boyce.

"stop spreading the rumor that debby ryan had a heart attack. people are already grieving through cameron's death, stop trying to cause more hurt for others," a fan pleaded online.

Others warned about trying to force Ryan to comment on Boyce's death, especially after she closed her Instagram comments.


"can y'all stop commenting about cameron? it's real disrespectful and you need to understand people have different stages when grieving/mourning. his death is only recent and y'all are pressuring her to accept the fact that he's gone. it's disgusting. let people mourn in peace," a fan wrote before the comments were shut down.

Ryan has still not commented on the death despite the swirling confusion around her status.