Chrissy Teigen Shows off Swollen Lips Following Crazy Reaction to Altitude Sickness

Chrissy Teigen didn’t start her weekend off as planned. Instead, the model and mother-of-two suffered some excruciating pain at the expense of her lips swelling up due to altitude sickness, as shared to her social media on Saturday afternoon.

The 33-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and NBC’s Bring the Funny star posted to social media Saturday to show off how her lips ballooned after an insane flare-up of the autoimmune condition, Angioedema — a swelling of the deeper layers of skin tissue caused by fluid build-up, which she believes is a result of altitude sickness due to her flying from Los Angeles to Utah.

“Very upset and saddened that my own birth state, Utah, has chosen to poison me with terrible altitude sickness,” Teigen wrote in the first of her messages, detailing the painful experience.

She went on to share a photograph of her lips, looking abnormally plump and shiny, of which she admitted felt was “so big it’s shiny and hard like glass.”

Teigen, who is visiting Utah for her friend Meghan Mackenzie and Luke Dillon’s wedding, went on to share video of her lying down with the caption: “This is premeditated murder if you ask me.”

“Luke, Meghan, why have you chosen to get married in a place which would try to destroy me?” she teased in the video.

Fans and friends of Teigen’s chimed in to the unsettling account, admitting they too experience similar situations, including L.A.’s Finest star, Jessica Alba who revealed, “It happens to me every time... it’s such a bummer. I’m sorry.”

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Teigen can be seen in an Instagram Story clip the same night, inhaling oxygen from a can to help reduce the swelling. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” she said in the video.

Teigen has never been one to shy away from sharing personal updates of the TMI kind, getting candid with fans and friends about her body, food, old underwear and a slew of other subjects, including shutting down reality star turned president, Donald Trump. However, last month she took to her social accounts to shoot down internet trolls who began criticizing her rear-end, after photos of her in a swimsuit made the internet rounds.

“Everyone so used to a— shots and photoshopped instagrams,” Teigen replied. ‘I’ve had no a— forever — is this new news to some of you?”


She later added, “F—kin lames wouldn’t be able to stop blabbering if I got my a— done either. Bored as all hell, never can win!”

Here’s hoping Chrissy is feeling a lot better this Sunday morning!