We Love That Candace Cameron Bure Just 'Ugly Cried' on Instagram During an Emotional Workout

thing in common with Candace Cameron Bure.The 41-year-old Fuller House star and mom of three [...]

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If you've ever walked out of a spinning studio like SoulCycle feeling *all* kinds of emotional, you now have one (more) thing in common with Candace Cameron Bure.

The 41-year-old Fuller House star and mom of three posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story detailing before, during and after her spin session at FlyWheel Sports on Monday.

Her experience starts off cute and relatable, because hello it's Candace Cameron Bure.

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"OK so I'm taking a FlyWheel class for my first time and I tried to get the shoe clip in the bike for the last 10 minutes and I couldn't," she said. "So now they're getting me a new shoe, so I already feel a little defeated before I've even started."

Girl, we've been there. The story didn't stop there, however. During the workout, Bure posted videos of the emotional ride, in which over the loud music and instructor you can hear her say that she "just ugly cried. Like bawled." And is that sweat or tears running down her face? Both?

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After the workout, she shared her thoughts while walking to her car.

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"Oh my gosh you guys so I just took that FlyWheel class, which is spinning, and I've only done spin class a couple times," she said. "I was so emotional. I was bawling in the end of it."

"It was like getting some serious — I wouldn't say aggression, but it was like, just let it all go. And woo! I was crying a lot and it felt good, but I think I'm gonna go to my car and keep crying."

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(Photo: Instagram / @candacecbure)

Bure's emotional response means a couple things to us: First, we love her even more for her honesty and down-to-earth vulnerability. We thought it wasn't possible to love a celeb more, but we were wrong. Second, it's a serious testament to how fulfilling fitness can be! If you've ever experienced an emotional workout, spinning or not, you know the positive, cathartic effect it can have on your mental health.

And honestly, who hasn't walked out of a gym crying at some point in their life?

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