Meghan Markle's Body Language During Oprah Interview Told a Different Story About the Queen, Body Language Expert Says

03/09/2021 11:28 am EST

Meghan Markle may have refrained from speaking badly of Queen Elizabeth during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, but she may have been holding some things back. That is according to a body language expert, who spoke to Us Weekly following the bombshell 90-minute interview, which found Markle and husband Prince Harry raising a number of troublesome allegations against the British royal family.

Speaking with the outlet, body language expert Nicole Moore noted that Markle's "energy shifted immediately" when asked about the queen. Throughout the interview, Markle lauded the queen as having "always been wonderful to" her and said she has "always been warm, welcoming, and inviting." Moore explained that Markle's "look of steady determination" was a sign she was telling the truth about her interactions with other members of the royal family, though she noted that Markle's "energy shifted immediately" when she was asked about her first meeting with the queen in July 2016, which she admitted she went into "naively," though it was "lovely and easy."

"She looked to the left as she gathered her thoughts… and then looked downward before she spoke," Moore explained. "Right before she did, she took a sharp inhale of breath, indicating that she was prepping herself to say what she was about to say. From her body language in this moment, it's likely that Meghan did not want to say the wrong thing."

Moore pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex "was free flowing and breezy with her words" when it came to other questions, "but when he speaks about the queen, everything is measured and methodical… Meghan had nothing but glowing words to say about the queen; however, her words came out stilted, almost as if she had rehearsed saying something nice about the queen." It is important to note that Moore did not suggest that Markle may have had more disparaging things to say about Her Majesty. Instead, Moore said that "everyone bows down to the queen and Meghan Markle is no exception, even though she's technically not a royal anymore."

While the interview sparked some outcry, and some people — including Markle's own father — have cast doubt on the accusations made, Moore said the fact that the couple "had limits on what they would share" showed they remain "loyal to the royal family." She also said the fact "they revealed so much and yet, they kept the details of who made the racist comments private" indicated "that, at the end of the day, their mission with this interview was not to tear the royal family down, but to simply set the record straight about their union [and] their decision to exit some of their royal duties."

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