Lizzo Reveals She Got 'Strep Throat at the Worst Time' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

While the world is currently preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic, singer Lizzo recently told fans that she's dealing with a different kind of illness. According to the Daily Mail, Lizzo shared that she had come down with a case of strep throat. As the publication went on to detail, the "Truth Hurts" singer mentioned that her bout of strep throat came at the most inconvenient time given the current global health crisis surrounding the coronavirus.

On Friday, Lizzo took to Instagram to acknowledge the criticism that she's received for wearing a face mask amidst a shortage of the items for medical professionals in the country. According to the entertainer, she was wearing a face mask because she came down with strep throat at the "worst time ever." While she has since deleted the post, at the time, she wrote, alongside a photo of her open mouth, "It's nobody's business but I'd prefer y'all not criticize me for wearing a face mask and doing what I was supposed to do to protect the people in my home." She also addressed the criticism in the caption of the post.

"Please check yourself before you become an internet bully because you're bored," she wrote. "Get your facts straight. The world needs less trolls and more compassion."

Recently, Lizzo has indeed led with compassion by posting meditative videos on her Instagram for her followers to enjoy amidst this global health crisis. In her videos, the singer can be seen playing the flute and issuing calming and positive sentiments to her followers.

"There is the disease, and then there is the fear of the disease," she said in one of her videos, per the Daily Mail. "And I think that fear can spread so much hatred and fear can spread so much negative energy. And fear can spread the disease, even quicker than the disease can."

"I wanted to empower everyone and let you all know you have power. We all have power. You have power to eliminate fear. We have the power to reduce the fear that is being heightened," she added.


The Daily Mail went on to report that one of Lizzo's much-anticipated shows at the Houston Rodeo on March 13 was canceled because of growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

“In the interest of public health, the City of Houston and the Houston Health Department have ordered the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to close. The Rodeo will respectfully and dutifully comply with the City’s order," organizers announced on March 11, per Rolling Stone. “The Rodeo is deeply saddened; however, the safety and well-being of our guests and our community is our top priority. Out of precaution, the City has decided that this is the best course of action for our community.”