'Saved by the Bell': Elizabeth Berkley Sends Love to Revival Co-Star Mario Lopez for 'MAR10 Day'

Tuesday, March 10 was a normal day for many, but for Mario Lopez, it was "MAR10" day, also known as "Mario Day," a tribute not to the iconic video game character, like it is for some people, but rather to the actor-turned-television host. To celebrate MAR10 day this year, Lopez got some love from Saved by the Bell co-star Elizabeth Berkley, who delivered a video message to Lopez shared by NBC's upcoming streaming service Peacock.

"Hey guys, it's Elizabeth Berkley and I am on the set of Saved by the Bell," Berkley told the camera. "I can't show you any of the sets yet, but I can't wait for you to see it."

"More important than that right now is the fact that today is a very special day, it is called 'Mario Day,' and I wanted to tell you a few things I love about my favorite Mario, Mario Lopez," she continued. "First of all, he's one of my dearest friends, we have the best time together and he's honestly one of the hardest-working guys that I know. He has a huge heart, he's devoted to his family, he's a devoted friend, he loves his momma Elvia, he is..."

At that point, she was interrupted by Lopez, who rushed over to give her a big hug. "I think we're supposed to be doing a scene right now," he told her. "I think we have to go back to work," Berkley agreed, before her co-star playfully added, "Quit taking selfies. You're always taking selfies! You're totally taking selfies!"

"It's Mario Day!" she exclaimed. "I'm talking about you! It's Mario Day and I'm expressing all the amazing things that you are, and then some! So if we gotta get back to work, done."

"Oh thank you," Lopez said. "Shoutout to all my Marios out there."

Lopez also shared a message for MAR10 day on Instagram, posting a photo of himself edited onto an image that read "Happy Mar10 Day" in the font from Mario Kart. "HAVE A SUPER MAR 10!" he wrote. "#Mar10 #NationalMarioDay."

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Lopez and Berkley are working together on the Saved by the Bell reboot, which will arrive on Peacock on an unspecified date. The streaming service is set to launch later this year.

Photo Credit: Getty / Noel Vasquez