Halle Berry Shades Sarah Palin After Alleged Familial Relation Gets Brought Up

It is safe to say that Halle Berry isn't too thrilled about possibly having a family connection to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. According to a tweet from Daily Blast Live, the actress and controversial politician are distant relatives.

The alleged revelation is part of a thread on celebrities who fans might not know are related. It runs down some clear connections like Amy Schumer and her second cousin Sen. Chuck Schumer. There's also Denis Leary and Conan O'Brien, Hillary Clinton and Madonna, Colin Powell and Kerry Washington.

But the real surprise was Berry and Palin, even eliciting a reaction from the actress on Twitter.

"She may be on the tree but she 'AINT invited to the cookout," Berry wrote after retweeting the Daily Blast tweet.

The post earned a laughter-filled reaction from LeBron James and other fans joined in on the fun.

"Don't mind me... I'm just sitting in the shade of this glorious shade tree," one fan wrote responding to Berry.

"When that call comes from Sarah Palin, she is immediately putting that on the BLOCK list," another added.

"Definitely a Becky who would put raisins in the potato salad," a third added, defining a horrifying scenario.

Despite the feelings Berry seems to share, some felt that they could see the connection in their looks.

"This pic shows that they resemble more than any other pic, around the eyes, nose & cheekbones. Accepting or denying, u still share the same great grandparent X times over," a commenter added to the thread.


The tiny genetic tidbit between the two women is a lighter bit of news for each in recent months. For Berry, some hard news from her past and abuse allegations against Wesley Snipes clouded awards season. Before that, Berry was injured while filming her next movie, an MMA production that is putting her newly cut abs to the test.

Meanwhile, Palin is currently dealing with her divorce from husband Todd amid troubles also facing her children. She hasn't responded to the posts by Daily Blast, with her last tweet being a retweet promoting the Walkaway American Women's Town Hall featuring Lara Trump, Diamond and Silk, Katie Hopkins, and Shemeka Michelle.