Kevin Hart Opens up About Recovery From Car Crash While Working out in New Video

Kevin Hart is opening up to his fans via Instagram about his life after the serious car accident he was involved in last September. Alongside a video of him boxing with a trainer, he let his caption do the talking about how things aren't easy right now but he's staying tough and enjoying every minute of the process of regaining his strength after suffering a major back injury. Hart also pointed out that it's all coming back to him, more than likely talking about the rhythm of boxing since it's something he's been doing for several years now.

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"It's all coming back....slowly but surely. Patience is whats most important at this point. Is it easy? Absolutely not....but I'm loving every minute of it. The journey to becoming a greater me continues....," he wrote before following up with a few hashtags.

In February, Hart opened up in an interview with Men's Health revealing what the hardest part about his post-accident experience has been.

"The hardest part is slowing down and being patient," he explained. "I'm telling Dr. Pat and Boss that I want to do two-a-days at the gym. And they're like, 'Sit your stupid ass down and be patient. You gotta heal.' I get that now."

The 40-year-old was involved in a scary car accident that could have easily taken the life of him and the others involved. Thankfully the comedian, and everyone in the car that night, are still here today but he did walk away with series injuries. Hart, his friend Jared Black and Rebecca Broxterman — who is Hart's wife Eniko Parrish's personal trainer — were driving on Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles, California the night of the wreck when they lost control of the vehicle and crashed off the road. Hart, who was not driving, suffered series back injuries along with Black. Broxterman walked away without any injuries. The three friends were driving in Hart's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which is the car he bought himself for his 40th birthday last July.


"I'm not trying to get back to where I was before — I want to be better than before," Hart told the media outlet.

"It's a resurrection," he continued to describe the experience. "That's the best way for me to put it. I feel like the other version of myself died in that moment and this new version was born to understand and to do better. Sometimes you're not going to get it when you're suppose to get it. But when it comes and that light bulb goes off, holy f—."