Nikki Bella and Sister Brie Have the Same Fishy Pregnancy Craving

Nikki Bella and twin sister Brie Bella are currently both pregnant and due less than two weeks apart, so it's no surprise that the two former WWE stars are also having similar pregnancy cravings. During this week's episode of their podcast, The Bellas Podcast, Nikki shared that their "biggest craving yet" is a tuna sandwich. Brie also reflected on how similar her pregnancy is to her sister's.

"At WWE, everyone came up and were like, 'Honestly, you guys didn’t plan it?' I swear, if you guys want to put us on lie detector tests, we did not plan this,'" she said. "And if you’re a mom out there or you're trying for a baby, you know, you just can't plan pregnancy. It's very hard to get pregnant. Everything about Nicole and I, we're just like, we feel the same, our cravings are the same, everything is identical and it's tripping me out because none of this is what I went through with Birdie."

Nikki is expecting her first child with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev, and Brie is expecting her second child with husband Daniel Bryan. The couple is already parents to daughter Birdie Joe, 2.

"Artem and I got to see our baby two days ago," Nikki shared. "Oh my goodness you guys, our baby, I know everyone feels this way, which you should, is so cute and it’s like, babies are already getting personalities. Like, our baby was flexing for us and then you get so proud right, I'm going to brag. Our doctor was like, 'I can't believe the fat already around the arm. But the legs that just keep pushing against my uterus, they look like long dancer legs. Our baby, every time I stare at it, I’m like, 'This is Artem's mini.'"

Along with expecting babies, the twins are also preparing to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, a call they got while they were on the way to hunt down the aforementioned tuna sandwiches.

"So, it was actually pretty cool because, Nicole and I were in the car together driving," Brie recalled. "Nikki can never get back in the ring and I have no plan, I want to grow my family and I just, I'm experiencing my new chapter in life. But you guys, we literally just looked at each other and screamed and he was like, 'Well I was hoping you were going to say that.'"


"It was definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life because it's like when you have dedicated so much to a career and a company for so long and have given it your all, your body, your everything, your life, all of it, your time, there's nothing more amazing than the man that runs it all to call you and just say the most amazing things about you," Nikki added. "It just makes me feel so appreciated. In our industry, it's like winning an Oscar. When you get inducted into the Hall of Fame, it's the highest, highest achievement we can get."

Photo Credit: Getty / Angela Weiss