Julianne Hough Spotted Without Wedding Ring Amid Message for Fans to Explore Their Sexual Energy

Julianne Hough was spotted without her wedding ring again as she encouraged her fans to explore their sexual energy during a Kingry event. The former Dancing With the Stars judge spoke to those participating at Daybreaker NYC about how she's using her new workout plan "for my own transformation, to help me connect to my absolute truth of who I am."

"It helped me see the people around me for who they truly were, and be able to experience life as it should be, which is through love," she continued according to Us Weekly, who also reported that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

The 31-year-old, who was sporting a red workout outfit, then challenged those listening to her to "touch" themselves saying "this isn't about anyone else."

"Take this opportunity to touch yourself," she encouraged. "Feel yourself. Know what you deserve. Feel pressure for yourself. This isn't about anyone else; this is about you. Feel your bodies. It's about expressing, letting go and releasing."

"This is your sexual energy — it is meant for creation. It is not meant to be put out to anyone else if you don't want it. This is for you," she added while touching the lower part of her stomach. As she continued to lead her class, she referred to a move of them motioned their arms in a circular way as to "cutting out the bulls—t."

As she ended her class, she said, "When we feel our best selves, we can change our energy and we can change our life state. Don't think of this as a workout. It's about expressing that when we connect to our energetic, emotional field, we can feel that anything is possible. When that happens, we let go of our mind and our ego."

She commented on how "beautiful" it is to see "someone enter their truth" and "their power."

In the middle of Hough exploring herself more these days, there have been rumors of divorce swirling around she and her husband Brooks Laich. A source did confirm to the outlet that they have in fact been going through a bit of a rough time, saying, "They definitely have been going through a rough patch. They have both been in different places for work so they haven't been able to spend as much time together these past few months."


The two have been spotted together on-and-off throughout these rumors, but it all started when Laich took to Instagram to reveal to fans what he was hoping to search more for in 2020 as the new year approached.

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty.