Al Roker Continues Twitter War With 30 Rock Christmas Tree, Calls It out for Being 'Asleep'

In today's news, Al Roker is in a Twitter feud with the 30 Rock Christmas tree, which continued on Friday morning. Roker called out the Norway Spruce for sleeping in when he tweeted a photo of the darkened tree and wrote that it was a half hour late on its lights at 6 a.m. ET. In response, the tree's parody Twitter account wrote, "I have to look good 16 hours a day for hundreds of thousands of selfies. You tell dad jokes and point to a weather map on TV for three whole hours. Try doing my job."

The lighthearted words began after Roker lightly pushed away a man dressed as a stick of butter during the live broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade,

"Fun Fact: I paid that stick of butter to annoy [Al Roker] on TV. Oh, it's on, my friend," the parody account, which has been running since 2009, tweeted. In response, Roker wrote, "I am coming for you, thank you very mulch."

"Your dad jokes could use some sprucing up," the tree replied.

Ahead of this year's tree-lighting ceremony on Dec. 4, the tree tweeted, "Funny how the NBC employees at 30 Rock that mumbled not-so-nice things under their breath at me when when they walked by this morning will all of a sudden act like we're best friends or something after they've had a few to drink at the party tonight."

Roker responded twice, first writing, "That’s because they work at the branch office" and following it with "Speaking of which, if anybody knows what it’s like to be 'potted' at the end of a big celebration, it’s you," though he appeared to make nice with the tree soon after.

On Dec. 6, the feud was reignited after the tree was less-than-thrilled with some of Roker's comments on the Today show.

Earlier this week, Roker joked that he had found something he thought his evergreen friend might enjoy, posting a video of a tree in a shaker and prompting the Rockefeller Center tree to respond with Taylor Swift lyrics.


Stay tuned for updates on how this seasonal feud plays out.

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC


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