Jenelle Evans Proves 'Love Is Real' With Photo of David Eason and Daughter Ensley

Jenelle Evans recently took to Instagram to share some photos that prove the "love is real" between her husband David Eason and their daughter Ensley. In the post captioned "love is real" and the hashtag, "Daddy's Girl," Evans shared a series of photos showing both Eason holding Ensley, while flashing big smiles. Interestingly enough, Evans has disabled the comments on the post, so fans, followers, and critics cannot chime in.

The post just weeks after Evans opened up about how things are finally getting back to "normal" for their family, after Evans and Eason had their children taken away ate the beginning of summer.

Eason was reported to have killed Evans' dog for attacking Ensley, and eventually Child Protective Services stepped in a removed the children for their own safety.

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Everything’s back to normal. I think it’s been very great [having the kids back] because it’s really keeping us humble and we have been focusing on just staying at home, focusing on making them happy, making sure that’s a number one priority,” she said, while speaking to Us Weekly at her JE Cosmetics Launch in New York City.

The children were placed back in their custody in July, and during her chat with Us Weekly, Evans shared what they did to make sure they got their children back.

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“I did domestic violence courses and he did anger management. And we looked at a co-parenting class,” she went on to tell the outlet exclusively.

“We know what’s unhealthy for a relationship and what’s healthy and how to co-parent better," Evans continued. "The major issue is co-parenting with the grandparents on both of our sides.”

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The former Teen Mom 2 star later shared some of the helpful tips she learned for how to better handle differences with your partner, saying that one thing important thing she learned is “definitely walk away from each other, let things cool down, and talk about it,” then adding, “Don’t let it go on to the next day. Make sure you settle things before you go to bed.”

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